Assam preaches zero-tolerance to crime against women

WebdeskJul 06, 2021, 12:20 PM IST

Assam preaches zero-tolerance to crime against women

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister instructed the State police to perform their duties with no political pressure.

The BJP-led Assam government has adopted a zero-tolerance attitude toward crime which was delivered to local police officials by none other than the Chief Minister (also in charge of the State Home Portfolio) Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma during a historic official meeting on Monday.


Organized for the first time, a conference with officers-in-charge (OCs) of all police stations in Assam witnessed a determined nationalist home minister who pursued for committed and best possible services to the public from the police forces without succumbing to political pressure or other inducements while performing their duties with utmost honesty and dedication.


CM Sarma also called on the police officers to adopt healthy lifestyle habits for good health while endeavoring to deliver people-friendly services. Issuing directions to OCs to strictly deal with crimes against women and show zero tolerance, he asked them to file detailed and error-free charge sheets of all cases precisely, rape, molestation, assault, etc at the earliest for a speedy trial. Sarma insisted on continuous training of OCs on relevant legal matters.


Directing them to collect post-mortem reports expediently, Sarma added, that steps have to be taken to send samples for testing at forensic labs outside Assam to minimize delay as the only forensic lab in Guwahati is not sufficient. He ordered the OCs to complete all police verifications for jobs, passports, etc within seven days barring doubtful cases. He also instructed to ensure receipt of reports by families at the earliest in road accident death cases for hassle-free insurance claims.


In the presence of State police chief Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, special DGP GP Singh, additional DGP Harmeet Singh, and other senior officers,


Sarma announced that the conference of OCs will be held every six months from now onwards. He also announced many workplace measures for police officers, emphasizing the significance of a better working environment.


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on Jul 18 2021 08:19:42

The working style of Shri Himant Sharma shows another Yogiji in the making. India needs more of such no nonsense CMs to bring some sanity into the disorderly state adminisrations.

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